The Cure for Blur (C)

From Nearsighted to Clearsighted

By David Shlomo Hestrin Hi. I'm David and this is my website. I'm a citizen journalist for Natural News. Click the link below to read a few of my articles and interviews. I wore glasses for twelve years and like everyone else, my vision got worse and worse. I had a -4.00 and -3.75 prescription and I had astigmatism. My parents spent over $3,000 for me to get new frames, yearly checkups, and contact lenses. At my worst, my vision was -4.00 (20/400). That means that I could not even read the biggest letter on the eye chart!!! I would have needed the biggest letter to be TWICE AS BIG to read it. Here's my original driver's license photo:

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In 2006, my glasses got broken in a game of basketball, and I continued to play without them. Lo and behold, my shooting improved! Then in 2008, I found out about the works of Dr. William H. Bates and Dr. Meir Schneider and studied their work. I also studied the Alexander Technique and other methods to improve the use of the body. Soon I had removed my glasses and begun to see a bit more clearly. As a journalist for Natural News, I interviewed a certified natural vision teacher named Greg Marsh who improved his eyesight from a -12 and -14 diopter prescription. He was the first person I talked to who himself improved his sight. He currently practices in Fort Collins, Colorado and is a great teacher. From there I knew that it was real. I felt it. I realized I had to heal, and that lenses were preventing my eyes from relaxing. I would keep my glasses off most of the time and noticed that when I put them back on they felt too strong - signs of improvement. Sometimes, I would get what are called "clear flashes" brief moments where I would literally see better than 20/20. It was sharper even than when I wore glasses, and my glasses had been prescribed to give me 20/15 vision with them. Later, after a beautiful two week retreat in the mountains I went to the optometrist to test my eyes and so that I'd have a better pair to wear while driving because my -4.00 lenses were way too strong. I left the optometrist with a -2.25 prescription with no more correction for astigmatism or cylinder! I WAS THRILLED! As soon as I put on my new pair I knew they were too strong too because my eyesight had improved from the validation, relaxation, and celebration of what I had believed in for so long: That I was really improving my eyesight and was going to make it all the way to 20/20 and beyond. Around six-nine months later, I went to the DMV and passed the driver's test. Above, that's me, thrilled, after passing the driver's test. In the photo below, I am seeing better than 20/20. As you can see, both eyes are balanced and proper central fixation is used. The truth is, I don't always have 20/20 vision. Sometimes I stay up too late and strain my eyes. Sometimes I "try" to see instead of relaxing and letting my eyes guide me. Sometimes, I get stressed out and my vision is blurred a bit. HOWEVER, I have not needed glasses for years. At this moment I can read everything I need to. I went through the transition and improvement process while working on the computer anywhere from 5-10 hours a day. I have been a full-time college student as well and managed to read the board. Yes, there were struggles and many times when I couldn't read things. There were many times when I could not identify someone a few feet or many yards away. But I have overcome these symptoms and been: TREATING THE CAUSE of my blurry vision. I have always noticed a strain accompanied by blurriness and a feeling of openness and relaxation accompanied by clarity. What I have learned and continue to learn has opened my eyes to experiencing visual beauty to a deeper degree than ever. Think about it: how can you really fully enjoy vision, when your eyes are strained? Ask yourself: are your eyes strained? are your shoulders tense? is your neck tight? is your back in pain? do you feel tense? is your breathing shallow OR do you feel at ease relaxed light confident and having a nice natural flow of breath So I present to you:

The Cure For Blur

The Sense-Soothing 60 Page E-Book that is In-Depth, Easy to Read, and 12 Chapters of EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. How to throw away your glasses, get rid of the pain in your neck, see clear, and feel free again. Learn how glasses are HARMING YOU Learn how contacts suffocate YOU Learn how lasers can cause PERMANENT DAMAGE Here's the smarter decision that's better for your health: Learn how you can


Learn how to stretch in your sleep, and literally wake up more flexible. Learn how to become comfortable and at ease, in situations that currently might SCARE YOU.

The Cure For Blur E-Book

Contains 12 Eye-Opening Chapters Including: How to be MORE RELAXED ALL THE TIME How to feel comfortable being yourself. Foods to eat and foods to avoid How to improve and maintain better posture Transition tips and a Thorough Troubleshooting Guide

Read these testimonials of real individuals that read the book and improved their eyesight and relaxation! Photo of Chris "I had worn glasses or contacts since I was probably about 13/14 years old, but in the matter of a few months my eyesight just got better and better. I remember sitting in math class and noticing how much better I could see the writing on the board (when I wasn't asleep) from the exact same seat compared to several months before. And so I have you to thank for that! Thanks a lot David! I appreciate it. I'll keep in touch man!" Chris Randall Photo of Carol "The more relaxed I get, the more aware that I'm not relaxed. My eyesight has improved by .75 at least. I'm learning how to dance and sing again because of my ever increasing relaxation, it's all connected!!!" Carol-Anne M. "I was reading your e-book the other day and the clear flashes returned. just goes to show what you think about.... P.S. I think it's a good read. You said things I still didn't know after all the talks we had, and it keeps the reader interested." Julie Bourbonnais "Wow. I'm seeing noticeable improvements in my eyesight already. =)" Eli Z.
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